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In 1949 Edie and Marty Nissenblatt arrived in Peekskill with their entrepreneurial spirit and love for men's fashions.  It did not take long for Marty's Men's Shop to become the fashion center of the area and Marty to become beloved in the community. When the kids graduated high school, Edie joined the business to open Marty's Formal Wear. 

This beautiful young couple immersed themselves in the community, gaining loyalty from various civic and church groups, fire and police departments and individuals.  Marty's became a great place for a kid's  first  job, too.   Over the years Marty took many young people under his wing passing forward  his values  and work ethic. 


Their children, Jon (Nissy) and Mindy learned the ropes too, and in the 80's the torch was passed.  The siblings continue to share dad's passions for men's clothing and community outreach.  It is a special moment for all when former employees visit.

Edie & Marty Nissenblatt

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